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5 Stylish Ways to Keep Track of Your Glasses!

Wearing glasses doesn’t have to be something you hide in your outfit. There are plenty of ways to add a stylish twist to your lenses! Here are some ways that you use your glasses to compliment your outfit!

Clutch to the Rescue!

If you need to bring your reading glasses along, break out a stylish clutch bag that compliments your style! It will provide just enough space to store your lenses while providing a stylish accessory to show off your outfit!

Bun + Glasses

Wearing your hair in a bun draws attention to your natural aesthetic and is a great way to show off your face! Adding glasses to your look is a great way to make a bold and confident fashion statement. This look will complement any style while also help keep your hair away from your face which is especially important during warmer weather!

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More is better!

Having multiple pairs of glasses is a great way to ensure that you can wear a variety of outfits. Having a couple of pairs will allow you to embrace different looks depending on the day, while also providing you the comfort and security of “backup” lenses. Keeping one pair on your nightstand, another in the car, and yet another in your purse will help you feel comfortable no matter what!

Wear them!

Show off your confidence by wearing your glasses as part of your outfit. Wear your frames and rock this look to add some variety! You’ll be surprised at the compliments you get when you decide to go all-in with your outfit!

Neck Glasses

The Original Neckglasses are the perfect way to keep track of your glasses while adding a stylish accessory to your outfit! Our amazing necklaces blend beautifully with your outfit and provide you with a handsfree way to keep track of your glasses. You’ll feel confident knowing exactly where your glasses are at all times while feeling great in whatever outfit you choose for the day!

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